The brainchild of Pt. Prosenjit Poddar, one of the top-ranking musicians of India , Rhythm in Motion focuses on Indian percussion. The concepts of mixing popular Indian percussion instruments like TABLA, PAKHAWAJ, and KHANJIRA etc. with the Indian string instruments like Sitar / Sarod/ Santoor / Sarengi, Vocal music & Classical Dances comes out uniquely.

The uniqueness of Prosenjit’s compositions lie in using different Indian Rural folk instruments, from a totally different perspective. The prefect blending of these forgotten rural folk instruments with the modern wide range of sounds and melody creates a new dimension.

This is the first time that Indian Folk instruments will be presented in the JAZZ world from a different perspective. In this music, Prosenjit has skillfully managed to avoid drums, which is a main feature of most of the modern fusion bands. Although he is basically an Indian classical musician and his internal rhythm is definitely very much Indian Classical, his long associations with the eminent personalities of world music has given him enough experience to compose which is not only catchy but classy. With TARANG, he satisfies the musical need of the generations who are interested in world music and at the same time also give them a tinge of what is our culture.

Prosenjit’s hugely successful new-age outfit comprising some of India’s finest musicians (on electric veena, guitar, ghatam -traditional clay pot, mridangam-India’s oldest classical drum, vocals, drum-kit and keyboards ) has already won accolades all over the world. Rhythm in Motion’s international performances in venues like Dubai, Thailand, Malaysiaetc has ensured its position as India’s leading New -Age act.

The versatility of Prosenjit’s Rhythm in Motion show is borne by the fact that while the performance shifts with equal ease between pure classical concerts and rock, pop or new-age shows (in huge spaces like stadiums and melas) . This is a rarity for a group as most shows fit into either the classical or thye popular act bill but Prosenjit’s Rhythm in Motion is immensely popular in both circuits.

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